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Everyone has an opinion about Everything

It started out as a morning similar to all other mornings, crazy enough to rise and stay awake dreaming of taking a jog along the beach someday in the future. Recalling what was read yesterday, Socrates seemed to have said, 

I know I am the stupidest man in the Athens, and perhaps I am the only one to know that I am stupid.

or something similar to that. Edison seems to have a similar view saying,

Its obvious that wee don’t know one millionth of one percent about anything

It is pretty good start of the day, acknowledging the fact that we know just nothing in this world correctly. Perhaps everyone should take take a oath on New year to acknowledge this fact and stop airing opinions on all things that they come across.

Take for example the case of Digitizing NCERT text books for better indexing and searching on the web here http://textbook.s-anand.net/ncert/class-11/biology/9-biomolecules#comments

The text of NCERT books is there because, it was a pilot project in which Anand [http://www.s-anand.net/] tried to demonstrate that books in HTML can be more helpful online that in PDF, by indexing, searching, annotating, hyper linking words to meanings, topics to YouTube videos etc., Reading the comments section would reveal why this post is written.

Not being “soj” in that comment thread is a very big thing for a human.

P.S: Actually this post was written to kill some time and a mental compulsion to write something.