An Afterthought

Just finished reading the book “The Emperor of all Maladies”. Wonderful journey through the life of cancer and the people who were deeply associated with it, either as patients, doctors, scientists and what ever other roles that were in the book.

The philosophical, metaphorical flow of the text, gives more meaning to cancer and the people associated with it. It describes the struggles people have. After all that understanding of cancer and the journey of cancer medicine, I realize a few things that might cling to me throughout my life.

Stop creating a image of yourself, I tell to myself time and again. Nothing is achieved beside hours of agony. Though told in 100 different ways in 1000 different times, it is worth noting that “Live your life. You have only one chance.”

The first thing I am doing stripping this blog title from “Better Tomorrows” to “Asynchronous Idiocracy”. That is better description of what a human life is. This change has given me the power to write anything to my whims and fancy, which flamboyant title couldn’t.

More actions of idiocracy will be reflected in this obscure space and left in the wind to reach where ever it likes to.